Security services were working in the Church, and they did it correctly

Timothy MedvedevFirst, I believe that the Word of God accessible and understandable in its entirety every people in their language without additional knowledge of Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic. Moreover, the Word is clear and accessible throughout the entirety of each person, regardless of education, intelligence level, and even mental state. The Lord God was able to talk with each person on his level and explain to him any depth through His Word.Secondly, the Body of Christ in General and to each person, however, need a constant increase in the Word, spiritual and intellectual, and for that the Lord hath set in the Church five major gifts of Ministry, and many of the supporting, and indeed the very concepts of "Church" and the "Body of Christ"refers to the Assembly of believers, interaction, and denies econometrie" as a unit of measurement.Although these two statements seem mutually exclusive, in reality they are complementary, and each person coming to Christ through other believers (usually), increases with them, and know the Lord through His Word personally. However, and I want to emphasize this, all academic knowledge only specify "the Way of the Lord" and are not radical change. "He was instructed in the ways of the Lord; and being fervent in spirit, spoke and taught about Jesus accurately, though he knew only the baptism of John. He began to speak boldly in the synagogue. Читать полностью -->

The safety of Dmitry Medvedev

The unprecedented resignation to the police DepartmentAlexander SamarinYesterday President Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decree "On some measures on reforming of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation". Then made a statement of its intentions on the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs. At the same time to the Duma on behalf of the head of state made the respective bills. Later on the Kremlin website appeared decrees of the President on large-scale resignations and appointments in the interior Ministry. The need for change Medvedev justifies his concern with the state of Affairs in the main law enforcement Agency of the country. Experts "NG" emphasize the seriousness of the President in regard to the reform of the interior Ministry and speak about the strengthening of the position of the head of state.Dmitry Medvedev has released from posts of Deputy interior Minister Nikolai Ovchinnikov and Arkady Yedelev. Читать полностью -->

Prosecutor General Chaika: the prosecutors and the courts

Speaking at the program "relaxation Room" of NTV, Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika told about the principles of work of the Prosecutor General and about his attitude to some aspects of the judicial system, including the death penalty and jurors to courts, Interfax reports.The attorney General remains a steadfast opponent of the death penalty and supported the idea of life imprisonment as the highest punishment for crimes committed. "The severity of the punishment will never affect the number of crimes, and as we twirl the screws, the number of murders and other serious crimes is not decreasing, said Chaika. - In my opinion, if we introduce capital punishment, it will not stop those sexual maniacs".The Seagull, by his own admission, takes a position designed to change the punitive policy of the state, however, "these people (criminals) have to experience the brunt of the penal machine, serving a sentence in places of deprivation of liberty, where the penalties defined life imprisonment." Otherwise, "(the offender) expects easy death: he died and all.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Russian people in public relations the experience of political culture

Olga Zharenova, the Center for political informationThe theme of "Russia and Europe" in our country and abroad is discussed for a very long time. Many researchers argue that Russia is not the West, and, indeed, there is no need to doubt that Russia has a lot of cultural and political features.In keeping with tradition, to explain the features of political development and historical path of Russia to climatic and geographical factors. One can confirm the presence in our country a special mobilization type of development that is defined as "development oriented to the achievement of extraordinary goals with the use of emergency funds and emergency organizational forms" . The formation of the mobilization type of development favored the difficult climatic conditions and a permanent threat from external enemies. Due to which Russian society had to exert all his strength in the struggle for survival, to subordinate private interests to the state and to limit the personal freedom of its members.Each subsequent historical stage denied previous revolutionary and, despite the extreme pain, was rejected not only by those or other established forms of government and social organization, but also old norms and values. However, as sharp, and sometimes even defiantly rude nor were these breaks with the past, at each stage of development wittingly or unwittingly integrated some fundamental features of the preceding and, thus, the variability combined with the continuity. Читать полностью -->

Foreign countries are afraid of us

Andrei RyabovThe old theme of "Russian threat" multiple dimensions. One of them has long-standing roots. In many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where strong reminiscences of the Second world war and post-war construction of socialism under the Soviet administration and supervision,a significant portion of the population still believes in the possibility of military aggression from Russia.Despite the fact that these States are full members of NATO and the European Union. During the economic boom of recent years has a new, more modern version of the "Russian threat", according to which the Russian state, coupled with close to it companies take Europe in the "gas pliers", will penetrate into the infrastructure sector of the European economy. At the same time rich Russians are buying up all prestigious property will be placed on accounts in the leading Western banks amounts with many zeros, thus putting the banks in addiction.If you look at these things objectively, apart from the old and new phobias, it is easy to come to the conclusion that such fears and expectations belong rather to the sphere of political mythology. No serious military analysts here or "there" does not believe in the possibility of military conflict between Russia and the United States, between Russia and NATO.Even if in modern Russia and there are people who dream about the revival of the former power, such as the Soviet Union, today the country has for the realization of these dreams neither military nor economic potential.Untenable it turns out the myth about the economic threat of capture of the West the Russians. Читать полностью -->

Presidential henchmen want to throw on the economy

Vladimir KondratievIn the case of the institution of Plenipotentiaries of the government, their influence will be significantly expanded: they will not only, as now, to coordinate the activities of Federal Executive bodies on the ground, but also directly control themThe presidential envoys, apparently, will remain at the disposal of Vladimir Putin and after his move on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment in the White house. In the corridors of power are seriously discussed the question of transitioning the regional "Oprichnik" premiere, because they have fulfilled their main political objective - aligned political landscape in the vastness of the country, and now must deal with economic problems, in particular, the implementation of "Plan 22". The Minister of regional development Dmitry Kozak, said that the reform has not yet been heard, but the experts it seems logical."It is not excluded that this year the Institute of Plenipotentiaries of the President of Russia in the Federal districts will be reorganized into the Institute of Plenipotentiaries of the government in the Federal districts," he told interfax on Thursday informed source in power structures of Russia.Although the final decision on this matter is still pending, the new configuration looks quite logical. When the institution of presidential envoys before "looking" has set the task to ensure the election to the posts of governors loyal to the Kremlin leaders and to harmonize regional legislation, stopping "parade of sovereignties". With this mission Plenipotentiaries coped brilliantly. By January of the current year in the country did not have a single "red" as a regional leader, and the last Governor-Communist Nikolay Vinogradov has suspended membership in the Communist party. Читать полностью -->

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